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Student Coordinator, Sarah Walker

Sarah is the daughter of Terry & Doretha (Amouak) Walker, the granddaughter of Frank & Lena (Crane) Amouak, and the great-granddaughter of Oliver & Olga (Mike) Amouak.


Student Coordinator, Shelby Fisher-Salmon

Shelby is from Beaver, Alaska. Parents are Charleen Fisher and Darrel Salmon. Maternal grandparents are Ann and Scott Fisher. Paternal grandparents are Minnie and William Salmon. Great-granddaughter of Sarah and David Salmon.


Some of our 2014 volunteers


Some more of our 2014 volunteers








Some of the 2013 Volunteers
Some of the 2013 Volunteers





Some of the 2012 Volunteers


2011 Festival Volunteers

Faculty Advisor

Faculty Advisor, Cathy Brooks

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